Top 5 Gadgets That May Become Obsolete This Decade

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We, for sure, have seen some gadgets like pagers, walkman, PDAs, floppy disks, etc. becoming obsolete in the last one decade. New and advanced gadgets coming in the market (mostly smartphones) everyday are forcing them into eternal darkness.
Here we are listing 5 popular gadgets that are possibly going to become obsolete this decade.


5. E-Book Readers

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E-book readers have been the best option for people who like to read. You don’t have to carry books wherever you go and it can accommodate thousands of books for you. Their arrival in market couldn’t make books go obsolete (it is obviously not that easy) but had an impact on their sales as many people preferred to buy kindle edition of books they wanted to read. But with the market being introduced to new stuffs like smartphones, tabs etc. which provide you with so much functionality, e-book readers are definitely losing the market after a sudden success. With more multipurpose gadgets being launched, it is obvious that this cool gadget is on the edge of becoming obsolete in the next few years.


4. Feature Phones

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Our generation has seen a time where there were no smartphones; feature phones ruled the market and was considered a cool gadget to have. The introduction of smartphones ruled them out of the market, but many people can still be seen carrying feature phones because of them being budget friendly. Their low price has allowed them to stay in market for a much longer duration than we might have thought, and most of the companies are still producing feature phones as their low price products. But with new options coming up, and that too in price ranges similar to feature phones and with more functionality, their graph of sales is going to go even further down in the near future and it is highly possible that you may find them becoming obsolete long before this decade ends.


3. Low End Cameras

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I guess lot of people will agree with the fact that low end Point-and-Shoot cameras are already becoming obsolete and their end is near, though their high end counterparts are promising to stay longer in the market because of their features not easily available in the multipurpose smart devices now available. Smart devices providing high quality lenses are becoming more favorable over low end P&S cameras as image quality is almost comparable and provides you with much more options than just taking photographs.


2. DVD Players

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Since their advent in November 1996 in the market, DVD players have served as one of the favorite gadgets to have at home. However, with them already being swept away from market (almost), it is possible that they would become obsolete in less than 5 years. The reason for them being ruled out of the race is that people are now favoring digital media over physical media. Now, you do not need to install a DVD player with your television to watch new movies after buying a DVD from the market. Smart televisions that have been around in the market for quite a while now are only getting better and they allow you to enjoy services on demand rather than purchasing added physical components for your television. There are other products like console systems, computer/tablets and Apple TV that are pushing DVD players further into oblivion.


1. Standalone GPS System

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Standalone GPS systems served well over the last decade and were cool to go for if you liked adventurous trips or were new to some place. But analysts say that by 2020, they will be, if not entirely, almost out of the market. There are many reasons that you can count for standalone portable navigation systems to become obsolete. Smart cars that are buzzing around the market have been proposed to have many features along with navigation systems of their own. Also smartphones already provide enough functionality as a GPS system, although they may not become the real reason for standalone systems to become obsolete until and unless they are improved upon a lot more with their coverage issues. A standalone system comes more in handy if you are a traveller and are moving around in wilderness with no coverage.